Engineered Wood Price Increase Announcement

Wausau Supply has experienced several price increases this month in Engineered Wood Products. These products include I-joists, LVL, and glulams. In addition, the railroad has announced an increase in their base rates beginning February of this year.

The reasons for the increases are log prices, veneer costs, glue prices, and OSB web stock that has risen over 20% the last 4 months.

Effective February 25th, 2013, Wausau Supply EWP products will implement a variable percentage increase. All orders placed on or after February 25th, 2013 will be set at the new prices. (This would also include all Show Book price pages.) Price pages will be available in the coming weeks. For now, the approximate percentages of increase are as follows:

I-joists:  8% - 12%
LVL:  6% - 8%
Glulams:  6% - 18%
Split Trt:  12% - 14%

Thank you,

Mitchel L. Goerg
EWP Manager & Buyer
Wausau Supply Company


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