Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 1)

God is a God of right order. The peace of heaven is the happiness of right order. When the Garden of Paradise was created and placed in the hands of Adam, all was well ordered: the rest of creation recognized man, made in the image and likeness of God, as its lord and master and obeyed him. Not only inanimate creation and the non-rational animals, but even the heavenly angels stood ready to assist and serve man. Adam was placed in charge not only to preserve this wonderful right order, but also to extend it throughout the rest of the world; when he was given the order to "increase and multiply. " (Gen 1, 28) Many only see in this a command to bring forth his children. This command included this, but also much more: Adam was to increase all the good things and all the right order that he was given; he was to increase in the love of God; to multiply in a physical world the right order of heaven. We see that this command entails so much more than the begetting of children to give greater honor and glory to God. All was perfect and the plan was set. There was: right order, peace that comes from right order; happiness that comes from peace, and ultimately love that reciprocates toward God in response to all the love God has showered upon man.

We learn in the book of the Apocalypse that prior to the creation of Adam and this paradise there was a major battle in Heaven when Lucifer and some other angels became filled with pride and vanity and rebelled against God. (Apoc. 12, 7) These rebel angels (devils) were cast down out of heaven by St. Michael and the other good angels. After this battle right order continued to reign in heaven. The problem now was that these demons took up residence in the physical world and sought to disturb the right order in the physical world.

In the Garden of Paradise we see that God reserved a place for man that was untouched by these devils and was guarded by angels to preserve it from their assaults. The devils saw man in this physical world that was so like and so close to God and Heaven by the right order that reigned there, and became filled with a rage of envy and jealousy. The battle that they lost in the spiritual world was now to continue in the physical world. The demonic plot of anarchy was made and put into effect. The demons sought to seduce men and draw them away from the blissful paradise and drag them into the misery and suffering of anarchy; because their envy filled them with hatred for men that God loved so much.

The devils seduced man to destroy him. Adam, and in him all men, chose anarchy over order; rebellion over obedience. Paradise was not destroyed, but man was now barred from it by the same angels that were guarding it against the devils.

Man now found himself in rebellion against God and right order; and also found that all the rest of the physical creation was in rebellion against him. He must suffer in a similar manner just as the devils: separated from God, Heaven, and paradise; and suffering the pain and misery of disorder and lack of peace and love.

But, all was not completely lost: God had mercy on man and promised to send a redeemer (Jesus Christ, the Son of God) to save man from this state and restore him to love and right order; and therefore to peace, and happiness. All the rest of the history of man is nothing more than the continuation of this battle of order against disorder; love against hatred and envy; life against death.

The foundation for the saving of man and returning him to Paradise where he was originally destined to be, was laid out in the Old Testament principally in the Law of Moses where right order was commanded and imposed under penalties of punishment. When Jesus Christ came He built the Church upon this foundation. He came to fulfill the Old Law not destroy it. That fulfillment we see clearly established in the Catholic Church; the true (One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic) Church.

Each of us have come into this world outside this Church; enemies of God; born to damnation; suffering, and misery that comes from the disorder of anarchy. In the mercy of God we are invited in baptism to renounce this world of disorder along with the devils that maintain it with their envious hatred of us and our calling of happiness in the love of God. The true Catholic Church therefore is the Kingdom of God here on earth. She is our safe abode from the anarchy of this world until we can be reinstated body and soul in that Paradise that was originally prepared for us. At the end of time this world will be purified and renewed, all the evil will be eternally banished and good men will enjoy the heavenly paradise forever.

Until that time we must constantly fight and struggle against the demonic anarchy of this world and the disorder of our souls inherited from Adam. We find relief, succor, encouragement and nourishment to do this only in the true Church. The holy Sacraments were given to us by Christ to give us the grace we need throughout our lives. Each Sacrament is made for the various stages of our spiritual lives to give us all that we need to lead us back to God, bringing us closer and closer, grace by grace; perfecting our love toward the goal of reaching perfect love in eternal union with Him.

The Church; Mystical Body of Christ; the Kingdom of God on earth, is Mistress of these graces of order, harmony, and love. She is still in this disordered physical world; as the ordered physical world is reserved for us at the end of time; but She holds the door for all who will enter. As no one gets into Heaven except through Jesus Christ, likewise no one comes to Christ except through His bride the Church. She is the channel of all of God's graces. She is commissioned to establish order for all who will be saved by Her threefold power of teaching, governing, and sanctifying. She, like Her Spouse, Heaven, and Paradise, is a Kingdom of right order. So we find in Her a Divine order established by God (Jesus Christ) maintained by God (Holy Ghost). This Divine Order is manifested in Her hierarchy: deacons, priests, bishops, and pope. The pope is the visible head here on earth and maintains the visible order established by Christ, but he is not the essence of the Church or Her sacred order. Otherwise the Church would have died with St. Peter or any of the other interims between the death of one pope and the election of another. We know from the doctrines of our basic Catechism that the essential marks of the true Church are: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. Papal is not one of these marks, but Apostolic is. We can logically and orderly conclude that there must of necessity always be successors to the Apostles (bishops) but not necessarily must there always be a pope. The Church does not die with a pope but continues on in the bishops. The bishops are not agents of a pope but: teach, govern, and sanctify in their own right by the powers given them by the Holy Ghost when they were elevated to the High Priesthood. All power in Heaven and on earth has been given to them.

In striking the Shepherd (Jesus Christ) or the visible representative of the Shepherd (the pope) the sheep are scattered; unity and right order are attacked but cannot be destroyed. Unity and right order continue in the true shepherds (the bishops) who remain faithful to their calling. Where the bishop is, there is the Church.

St. Ignatius relates in a letter to the Smyrnaens: "See that you all follow the bishop, even as Jesus Christ does the Father, and the presbytery as you would the apostles; and reverence the deacons, as being the institution of God. Let no man do anything connected with the Church without the bishop. Let that be deemed a proper Eucharist, which is [administered] either by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is not lawful without the bishop either to baptize or to celebrate a love-feast; but whatsoever he shall approve of, that is also pleasing to God, so that everything that is done may be secure and valid. "

Every true Catholic knows his bishop and the bishop knows him. (The bishop may only know him through his agents the priests, but he knows them none the less.) Some may object that the priests are not agents of the bishop because with his ordination he receives the power to perform all his priestly functions, and is in fact an alter-Christos. This is true, but the priest is not a shepherd as the bishop is. A priest can only minister to the flock with the shepherd's permission. For theological discussion and legal arguments this authority to shepherd or minister to the flock is called: "Jurisdiction. "

A simple and logical consideration of jurisdiction shows us that the true Church must always have it. It cannot be completely dependent only upon one man (even the pope), but must of necessity be dispersed among all the true successors to the apostles. It must as all order and grace, come from God not one man; otherwise it could be destroyed with the death of that one man; the Church would fall into anarchy and die. The True Church therefore continues in the true bishops with or without a true pope. True bishops must have all their power and authority from God not man. For right order, peace, and happiness they must work in union with a true pope (vicar of Jesus Christ) but when there is no true pope they must carry on the mission entrusted to them by the Holy Ghost on the day of their consecration. And to do this they must have all power and authority over the flock including jurisdiction.

In theological studies we see jurisdiction divided into "ordinary " and "delegated ". Bishops hold ordinary (non-delegated) power given them by God. Priests have delegated jurisdiction and must answer to the bishop who gave them this authority.

Theology also speaks of "supplied " jurisdiction. The Church supplies in certain situations the right to minister to a member of a flock some spiritual aid (sacrament). The Church is the bishop, so what is being related here is the fact that for the good of a member of the bishop's flock, the bishop grants to any valid priest for that instance alone the right to administer a sacrament. Supplied jurisdiction is of necessity not an ongoing or boundless permission. To continue beyond the immediate necessity a priest must present himself to the shepherd of the flock (the bishop) and obtain proper permission, otherwise his efforts are rendered illicit (illegal — without merit or value). This is the necessary right order that must always remain in the true Church.

The devils are forever envious of the Church just as they were of Adam in the Garden of Paradise, and so are constantly tempting and attacking Her. To maintain Her right order, peace, and happiness, it is necessary that She have a mechanism in place to exclude some from her membership — barring some, and expelling others — just as the angels barred and expelled sinful man from the Garden of Paradise. The popes have taught us infallibly as head of the Apostolic college (college of bishops) what excludes people from her membership.

Heresy is one very important thing that cuts off, bars, and excludes one from membership. A heretic is therefore by definition outside the Church — a non-Catholic. It is therefore absurdly ridiculous and illogical to state that a man can be both a heretic and pope at the same time. A heretic is not a member of the Church, so obviously he cannot be the head of the Church because the head is a member of the Church.

Pope Leo XIII speaking on "Unity of the Church " says: "'There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by Our Lord and handed down by apostolic tradition.' The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. "

It is anarchy that the Lefebvre sects and spawn are promoting when they twist reason and logic trying to prove that the heretic in Rome claiming the title of pope is truly a heretic but is still a pope. What is even more shocking is that there are a good many people swallowing these lies. Perhaps, though, it is not so surprising when we consider the history of men and their eagerness to believe the lies of the devils rather than the Truth of God.

In a supplement from the Lefebvre sect's magazine ( "Angelus ") titled: "Supplied Jurisdiction and Traditional Priests, " they attempt by twisting reason and logic, to prove that their "priests " have "supplied " jurisdiction. In stretching the term "In articulo mortis " (at the moment of death) to include "spiritual death " (which we assume is used in its traditional sense of mortal sin.); and "the Church " to mean some ethereal being rather than the ordinary pastor (bishop); they leave a wide path of anarchy where no right order is left standing, and all true authority is completely emasculated. In a strange twist of logic the authority of the bishop is replaced by a democratic movement of the flock. They thus conclude that it is the people that supply them with jurisdiction. Their supplement says: "But in order that such a ministry and such admonitions be fruitful it is necessary that the faithful in question accept them willingly. It is inasmuch as you do not refuse to receive from your priests the ministry which they have the right to exercise for your good, that is to say for the good of the Church, that the jurisdiction that you in a certain way give them will be able to be fruitfully exercised. " (emphasis added)

It is only with the grace of God and a sincere pursuit and love of the truth that the absurdity of this Lefebvre sect position can be seen in its true heinously evil colors. Many are swallowed into this anarchy because of their pride. It is the same type of pride that seduced Eve and then Adam. The Lefebvre sect promises not to be like God, while directly disobeying Him; but rather to be like His bride, the Church, while directly disobeying Her. They pretend to honor Her by fawning obedience to a false semblance of Her, but even in this they simultaneously openly disobey. They denounce the authority of Modernist Rome while feigning submission to the same. They promise their victims (followers) that they (the followers) are the Church and they (the followers) give jurisdiction to their "priests. " These followers now are promised that they are like bishops and popes granting jurisdiction to the "priests. " These "priests " promise to obey and serve these people just as the devils promise to obey and serve the men who will enter into a compact (contract) with them. The tragedy is in the fact that pride has so blinded these poor followers that they cannot see the absurdity and anarchy that this "offer " has in store, much less the eternal suffering that awaits them in Hell as payment for the compact.

As we feel the hatred and odium from these deceived souls for pointing out the simple truth, may we not reciprocate; hatred for hatred; evil for evil; but rather let us return love for evil. Let us weep over their folly as Jesus wept over the folly of Israel when She refused to hear Him. Let us pray with Jesus when they persecute us: "Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing. " (St. Luke 23, 34) In this love let us ever remain humble, realizing that we too may have fallen for the same snares if it were not for the grace of God. It is truly the grace of God that has preserved and continues to preserve His remnant from Paganism, Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, Novus Ordo Modernism, Lefebvre type Traditionalism etc., and every other form of heresy and schism. May we ever strive to grow in love, humility and obedience: to both God and His Church that resides in the remaining true bishops.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

Part 2 Atheism/Paganism

It seems preposterous that today, in the two-thousand and twelfth year of Our Lord, that we must speak of the existence of God. Our world has truly regressed to the point of foolishness. We read in Psalm 13: "The fool says in his heart: There is no God. They are corrupt, and are become abominable in their ways: there is none that doth good, no not one. The Lord hath looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there be any that understand and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are become unprofitable together: there is none that doth good: no not one. Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they acted deceitfully: the poison of asps is under their lips. Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness; their feet are swift to shed blood. Destruction and unhappiness is in their ways; and the way of peace they have not known: there is no fear of God before their eyes. Shall not all they know that work iniquity, who devour my people as they eat bread? They have not called upon the Lord: there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear. For the Lord is in the just generation: you have confounded the counsel of the poor man; but the Lord is his hope. Who shall give out of Sion the salvation of Israel? When the Lord shall have turned away the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. "

Filled with a foolish pride and vanity, many in the name of science or reason deny the existence of God. The entire creation speaks to us of a Creator. The similarity of DNA among creatures does not speak of chance or evolution but rather of a single Creator; just as the similarity of strokes, colors, tone, style and mood in artwork speaks to us of the same artist who made it. Those who study such things in the art world can readily discern one artist from another by his artwork. While the discerning of an artist from his work requires labor and study, the discerning of God from His creation is open to all; from the uneducated to the wisest of philosophers.

It was once said that wherever one goes he will find that people always have a god. We would sooner have found a city without walls than find a people without a god. The ancient Pagan philosophers even came to the conclusion that there must be a god; there must be only one; He must be perfect, etc. And they know this not from Revelation, but through natural observation and reason. Today's "philosophers " and "scientists " have gone to the opposite extreme declaring that there is no god. The devils are certainly to be found having a hand in all this.

In the primitive life of man — when he was not far removed from walking with God in the Garden of Paradise — the knowledge of God was solid and firm. The devils out of hatred for God and man began to present themselves in the place of God, and as man grew farther from God they began to embrace these devils as gods. (We therefore see the need of the first Commandment given to Moses: "Thou shall not have strange gods before Me. ") As there are many devils, so paganism adopted many gods. This tactic of the devils was suited for the time and the people of that age who understood and knew that there is and must be a god. Through time the devils have been perfecting their attacks against God and man. Today the temptation is to deny the existence of God and all the false ancient Pagan gods too. One might object that this requires a denial of the devils themselves. Why would the devils want this? It is very simple: If we deny the existence of the devils we cease fighting against them or resisting their evil suggestions. Their ultimate goal is our damnation, and today they can accomplish this best by getting us to deny all spirituality and live lives of mechanical materialism. We in essence are led by devils that we deny exist, and make ourselves our own gods and thus imitate and follow the devils who sought to make themselves God.

In order to move forward in the spiritual realm it is often necessary that we look back and learn what modern materialistic man has long forgotten. The natural world all around us speaks loudly of a Creator if we will only open our hearts and minds to listen. Literature is replete with the beautiful observations of men who sought to instill these same observations and ideas into the hearts of their fellow men. A poem by Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) readily comes to mind: "I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest, Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear, A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree. "

We see that all the creatures from the inanimate rock, plants, animals and even man have a purpose or goal; they have a design that they have not given themselves. Contained in the tiny oak seed is the germ and potential for the mighty oak tree. That little seed is without a doubt designed to not only germinate, but to grow and increase in size and strength from season to season and in time to bear fruit like itself season after season. In philosophy we have a principle that basically says that we first think of the end, or the completed thing, but this completed thing occurs last in time even though it was first in thought. For example when one decides to build a house, he first thinks of a finished house and then he works back to where he must begin to accomplish this goal of building a house. He does not first think of digging a hole and laying a foundation and then decide that he wants to build a house. His first thought is of the house, his last thought was of hole and foundation even though, the hole and foundation are the first to be materially actualized. We see this same principle in the design of a simple acorn. This acorn is not the first idea, but it is the first step in the material actualization of an oak tree. Everyone knows that if we want to start an oak tree we have first to get our hands on an acorn. This is the way of nature. And we know that if we plant an acorn and it successfully germinates we will obtain an oak tree. It will not be a maple, or any other tree, nor will it be an animal, it will only be an oak tree. This is the design of the acorn and this design was not made by us. This design did not happen by chance, but by intelligent foresight and forethought; just as the building of a house does not happen by chance, but by intelligent foresight and forethought. We might call this idea a principle of intelligent design. We see this design in everything. All the plants, animals, and people have always started out in a seed or germ state, moving through the process of fertilization, embryonic growth and development to reach ultimately the goal of maturity. There is an intelligent design in this process that is not placed there by any creature, nor could it have happened by chance. If we step outside and look at our homes, no matter how simple they may be, we will see that these homes did not make themselves nor were they created just by chance, but are the work of some intelligent designer.

There is a branch of philosophy known as Theodicy. It is a science that studies God as knowable by unaided human reason. In this science we examine from many directions how we know that God exists. This science is distinct from Theology which is the science of God as revealed to us through Revelation. Theodicy is therefore limited in what can be discovered, but it does discover enough so that based upon natural reason and observation alone every intelligent being must know that there is a God. Hence, we conclude with the Psalmist as above that: "Only the fool says in his heart there is no God. " One of the arguments of Theodicy may be outlined like this:

"If the world exhibits a most wonderful and constant order and design, and is directed, in itself and in its parts, to an end, it has an intelligent designer and governor, and, ultimately, a First Designer and First Governor who can be no other than the First Necessary Being or God.

Now, the world does exhibit a most wonderful and constant order and design, and is directed, in itself and in its parts, to an end.

Therefore, the world has an intelligent designer and governor, and, ultimately, a First Designer and First Governor who can be no other than the First Necessary Being or God. Therefore God exists. " (Theodicy, Paul J. Glenn, Ph.D., S.T.D. 1939)

There also appears to be something very integral in man that demands that he worship something. Even when man irrationally decides to deny the existence of God, he invariably bows down before some false god of his or another's creation. The devils are always eager to step in and fill this profound need deep within the souls of men. We see in our own times the making of sports or recreation into a religion or a god. Sunday, the Lord's day has been diverted into a sports day. (Not a day of exercise and recreation for the body, but rather a day of idleness and indulgence.) The sports fan (fanatic) sacrifices the time, attention and devotion that even natural reason says belongs to God, so that he might dedicate it all to watching other people compete against one another. His "team " that he "supports " enraptures him in a useless pursuit of some fleeting "honor. " Completely unable to aid his team in the contest he is reduced to cheering and recounting the plays with himself or his friends. This enthusiasm is very appealing to the materialistic person. He has a god that he can see and hear and follow without any concern of changing or improving himself. Added to this we have a continual round of sports for every season. As one sport draws its season to a close another has already begun its season, leaving the fanatic chasing one sports religion after another and never leaving any room for the true God. They have basically proven the point that there must be a god even if they have to create one.

If you will listen to them talk and just change the sport terms for religious ones, I think it will be clear enough that this is a religion. They argue over whose god (team) is better, they argue over which god (sport) is better. When their player or their team god fails or suffers it is felt as a personal attack upon them. They readily condemn and criticize judges and referees, etc when calls are made against their "gods. " We often hear the very term "idol " and "hero " used in sports. How many people today will be able to tell us the specific details of many different players' statistics, but will not know the most basic things of true religion? Many, who even call themselves "Catholic, " will be able to tell us the details of last Sunday's game, but cannot tell us the what the Ten Commandments are, or the Seven Sacraments, and perhaps even worse, will not even be able to say what the sermon was about that they sat through earlier in the day.

It is not just sports, but many parts of our materialistic world that the devils have used to create false gods for us and lead us away from the One, True, God. We have also shopping, traveling, eating, drinking and gambling, etc. Each, in its own way easily become false gods or idols for us, if we allow ourselves to slip into these temptations and snares laid out for us by the fallen angels.

It may be easy for today's world to dismiss the foolishness and nonsense the Greek and Roman Pagan gods of antiquity, but if we are honest we will just as readily dismiss the modern materialistic gods our society has given us, even though they do not come right out and call them "gods. " The tragedy is that in dismissing the Pagan gods of old or new, the demonic temptation is to dismiss the One True God along with all the false ones. This appears to be where our modern materialistic/mechanistic "scientists " are being led by devils who are filling their vain heads with such self flattering demonic pride. In denying all gods they attempt to make themselves into gods. They seek the praise, adulation, and even the worship of their fellow men. The devils do not care. It does not matter if they drag us into Hell this way or that way — worshiping devils, our selves, or some other creature — as long as we do not worship the One True God the devils win.

The gods of "sports " and the gods of "science " are truly no different than the mythologies of Pagan Greece or Rome. They promise us ultimate happiness, but are never able to deliver it. What they offer is always nothing but a fleeting temporal amusement. It is a distraction and therefore an obstacle to the true worship that we owe to God.

The temptations to turn away from God are always near at hand. We must, therefore, be ever vigilant that while avoiding and rejecting one we do not fall into another. Our security is in focusing our attention solely upon God in and through His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Outside of this True Church and True God there is no salvation, there is no real peace, and there is no real happiness. There may be fleeting temporal amusement as we stated above, but this is never to be considered true peace or true happiness. Our souls and our very nature seek and demand an unending peace and happiness. The devils want us to look for this anywhere and everywhere except in the only place we can find it — in God.

We must protect ourselves from the defilement of worshipping any false gods, because this is an abomination and a lie that is most repulsive to God who is all Truth. Ecumenical worship at the altars of false religions and to false gods is something that every Catholic should understand is a terrible sin that may promise peace and happiness, but will ultimately only bring pain, suffering, and misery. Every day belongs to God, but one day is special that He set aside for us to fulfill our religious obligations. We must never lightly set aside these obligations in the pursuit of some worldly material temporal pleasure. God must come first every day but, especially on this day, we must place Him first. Our Sunday obligations are not just attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the morning, but the whole day must be made holy. It is not too much to begin the preparations the day before. If we were going on a vacation for worldly pleasure we would not wait until the morning before it was time to leave to get everything prepared; likewise, we should not wait until just before Mass to prepare ourselves. Our preparation entails not only being properly groomed and attired but also time must be given to our souls (hearts and minds) to quietly reflect and prepare ourselves for where we are going and what we are doing. We should be in the Church well before it is time for Mass to begin so that we have ample time to quietly prepare ourselves for participation in this Holy Sacrifice and for receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. We must avoid the temptation to rush out as soon as the priest leaves the altar. Rather, we should seek to cultivate in our hearts a longing desire to remain there in Church (God's house) in the presence of God, and always leave rather reluctantly as we are departing from one who loves us so much. This is just the beginning. We must strive to keep the presence of God with us long after we leave the Church. Forgetting God and rushing home to watch the game or to sleep the day away is not a profitable way to honor God or keep the day holy; it is rather a way to participate in the worship of a false god; and may appear okay and very "ecumenical " in the eyes of the rest of the world, but it is offensive to God. It is also a scandal to all. This day is a wonderful day to read and study the Catholic Faith so that we might grow in our knowledge of God and therefore in our love of Him. May we strive to only please God and enjoy moderate recreation that would never distract from the love and worship that we owe to God on this day.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 3 False montheism)

God's right order is constantly under attack as we saw last month in the many Pagan beliefs and practices where demons set up idols and false gods either of themselves or others. Many of the "mono-theistic " religions, while avoiding the extreme crudeness of this openly demonic Paganism have fallen into a more subtle form of the same thing. While not openly worshipping idols or demons they have a false perception of the one true God, so logically they have created a false god whom they now worship.

The next set of demonic inspired religions to be considered after Paganism is the false mono-theistic religions. God having chosen Abraham to be the father of His chosen people, the devils set out early and consistently to corrupt and undermine the divine communication from God to men. No sooner than Abraham in his old age is told that he is to be a father, then the devils inspire a more "natural " means than his elderly wife (They inspire him to have a son through a young fertile slave girl). In this manner two separate lines are produced that both claim Abraham as father and therefore the title of chosen people. The Ishmaelites (or at least their alleged spiritual adherents) claim to survive even to this day in the Muslim world. There were two sons of Abraham as Scripture tells us, but we are also informed that the son of the slave girl did not inherit with the son of the free woman. (Gal 4:30) One son was chosen and blessed by God and the other by the devils. One son was charged with keeping the knowledge and faith of the true God alive, while the other son, guided by the devils, was commissioned to corrupt, deceive, and confuse men as to who the true God is and how He expects us to live.

Abraham's trust and faith in God was put to the ultimate test when (prefiguring Christ's sacrifice) God asked of him the sacrifice of his own son. Isaac carried the wood for his own sacrifice as Christ carried his own cross. Abraham was left alone as he could not tell anyone else of what he was about to do, and in this state he too prefigured Christ in feeling abandoned as Christ hanging on the Cross: "My God, my God why have you forsaken me? " (Matt 27:46) Though the sacrifice was interrupted by an angel sent by God, it nonetheless served to symbolize and prepare everyone for the sacrifice of Christ.

We see God's hand and guidance in this son of Abraham and his children throughout the Old Testament. We also see the devils constantly attacking these children and dividing from them any and all who would listen to their evil suggestions. Isaac's two sons, Jacob and Esau were divided even from the time they were still in their mother's womb. Jacob was loved by God, but Esau God hated. (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13) God changed Jacob's name to Israel and his sons also were attacked by the devils. Brothers filled with envy and jealousy of their younger brother, sold him into slavery, just barely refraining from murdering him. As a punishment for their crimes their children also became slaves in the land of Egypt. God had mercy upon these children of Israel and sent Moses to save them. Again we see the devils constantly attacking and dividing these people for forty years in the desert. Only a few remained faithful and preserved the faith in the One True God. In the Promised Land we see the devils' continued attacks, dividing the tribes, and inspiring many to depart from the worship of God. Throughout their history we see the influx of Paganism, and the idolatry of the various demons as gods. These people were almost to the bottom of their downward spiral when Jesus came to this earth, and as proof of this bottoming out of the downward spiral into demonism, we read that: "Jesus came unto His own, and His own received Him not. " (John 1:11)

Somewhere in history these Israelites converted to demonism and created a new series of beliefs in addition to or in opposition to the Laws that God gave them through Moses. (See St. Stephen's account of history in the Acts of the Apostles: Acts 7:43) The Demonic Talmud superseded the Law of Moses. The people of the Talmud somewhere along the line became known as "Jews. " They, with demonic craftiness, soon arrogantly assumed the titles of the Israelites as Chosen People of God. The deceptive craftiness is shocking when we consider that most of the world believe the "Jews " to be the descendants of Judah (only one of the sons of Israel), and all of the other sons have somehow ceased to exist or were absorbed into this one tribe. When we consider that most of those who call themselves "Jews " today are not biologically descendant from Judah but, are rather, Ashkenazi converts to Talmudism, we see the demonic influence even clearer. Today, these people are dispossessing Palestinians of their lands and killing many of them in an alleged ancestral right to that land, even when they have no ancestral tie to the land because they are not children but converts.

These are not the same people of the Old Testament, nor do they preserve the belief and laws God gave to us through Moses. Many use the name of "Jew " in various ways depending on their own particular need or whim at the moment. Consider when someone says that he is a "Jew, " what does it mean? Is he a descendant of Judah or one or other of the brothers of Judah? Is he a resident or a citizen of a particular place? Is he a believer in a Talmudic creed? Is he an atheist? Etc. This one simple word with its multiple demonic inspired meanings only seems to confuse and hide the demonic influences in the world today.

If we have any doubt that this sect is not God's chosen people we need only consider the Scripture that says "His own received Him not, " so even if they were once the people of Israel they are no longer. They have refused Christ and therefore refused God and have sided with the devils. Also, the priesthood of the Old Testament is dead, as even these people are forced to admit. There is no longer an inherited ancestral priesthood, but rather a priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek.

The right order of God has been, and continues to be under attack by the devils and all who will listen to them. God no longer works with one genetic line of people, but rather works in His Church, where any and all have been invited to unite themselves into One Mystical Body of Christ. The only true mono-theistic religion is the Catholic Church.

The "Jews " now have made a god of themselves and worship their "ancestry. " They have made themselves the Messiah and the Christ. A prescription of Talmudic customs and laws has been substituted for true faith and worship. The devils have created this corrupted faith in pretty-straightforward imitation of Christ and the true Faith and doctrine. The "Jews " are still awaiting the Messiah when He has already come. Having missed and rejected Him, they now strive to create their own version of a Messiah. They demonically think and claim a land that is not legally theirs. By some "divine " right they are entitled to murder Palestinians, destroy their property, and drive them from their fatherland. This disorder and chaos is not from God but from the devils who are the authors of death and disorder. Some may argue that the Israelites did this exact same thing. It is not the same. The Israelites had revelations from God, and promises from God, they had a sacrificing priesthood, etc. God gave the Israelites obvious victory over those they were to dispossess; the devils only give the "Jews " constant conflict and battle. They have not God but devils helping them so there is always a demonic disorder. The devils and their dupes the "Jews " may appear to succeed in this world, but this is really an illusion because it is only temporary. The blood of all that they have spilled upon the earth is crying to Heaven for vengeance, and because vengeance belongs to God, He will hear and grant them this vengeance.

The injustice that demonically reigns in our world today will ultimately be righted. The injustice is only momentary when considered next to eternity. Not only people as individuals but also people as societies, businesses, communities, governments, countries, etc. will all be punished or purified.

There is no doubt that we are drawing closer to that day of chastisement than we have ever been in the past. The atrocities of fornication, adultery, divorce, murder of the pre-born (abortion), homo/hetero-sexual sodomy, etc. all merit a divine punishment upon us individually (as far as we may be guilty) and collectively. With the false Israelite Talmudic Jews in possession of a certain piece of land and noting the many transgressions that must be punished, it seems that the signs are clear that those who are wise will flee this false religion, heading for the hills of Christ in His Church.

The Muslims, likewise in their worship of Allah are just as fanatical and violent as the "Jews ", if not more so. They are truly cut from the same cloth. Both are demonically inspired forgeries of the One True God, faith, and religion. They, like the "Jews, " imagine themselves authorized and commissioned by their god (demons) to violently kill and displace any and all who oppose them in any way. The devils are the authors of death, not God. And so, if we are logical, we see that the murderous ideologies of these two sects and all the others like them have devils and not God for their gods.

Alongside the "Judaic " Talmudists and the Muslims we should perhaps join many, such as Buddhism, that might be labeled "religious philosophies. " These seek a denial of self and an approach to nothingness (nirvana) which is obviously inspired by devils, seeking the emptiness of soul of the demons rather than a soul filled with the grace of God. In this striving for nothingness they developed a belief in re-incarnation or the trans-migration of souls. The demons have inspired them with a denial of God and His grace, and have filled them with a vain demonic pride that is often hidden under false humility; but nonetheless convinces them that upon their own efforts, without any help, they can reach their nothingness that they confuse with happiness in Heaven. This Eastern "mysticism " which might also include the Pagan religions like Hinduism seems to be very attractive to so many misguided Western souls today. Many try to reconcile these false religions and "philosophies " with Christianity. The devils do present many truths in these Pagan and false mono-theistic religions and philosophies, but these truths are only the bait that entices unassuming souls to swallow the poison too. There is no, and cannot be, any reconciling God and the devils. This earth in its current state cannot be reconciled with Heaven. The ways and mind of the world are at odds with the ways and mind of God.

When Christ came upon this earth, He made it clear that the only way is through Him. All those who will not unite with Him are damned. We must, so far as we have exposed, conclude that the Pagans (worshipers of devils) are not to enter into Heaven; the false mono-theistic religions that rejected the law of Moses are rejected; the false "philosophical " religions also have excluded themselves from Heaven. Already we can see that "many have been called, but few have been chosen, " (Matt 22:14) but the winnowing fan of God's truth is not finished yet. In the next series we must consider so many false "Christian " faiths.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 4 Heresy/Schism)

Having covered the obviously wrong religions of the world and exposed them as such, our focus must now turn to the less obvious and therefore more deceptive false "Christian " religions. All those not in union with the True Church fall into this category whether they are heretics or schismatics. Heretics are those who deny one or more doctrines of the Church; schismatics are those who hold the same doctrines of the True Church, but refuse obedience and unity with Her.

Arianism denied the true Person of Jesus Christ as true God and true Man. This ruse of the devils led away a great part of the Church. St. Athanasius was one of the few major preservers of the truth. This heresy began very cleverly with the idea that Jesus must be a creature of God and is not equal to the Father. The Father is first and greater and the Son comes later and is less. The Arians deny the co-eternity of the Son with the Father. Saying that Jesus is a creature and not the Creator, (even if we label Him the first or the greatest of all creatures) is a denial of the real Jesus and makes these heretics idolaters and cut off from God's grace and the Church. Jesus is true God and true Man, begotten, not made (Nicene Creed). These and the other heretics as well as all the schisms apparently find justification for their errors in the Scriptures. The devils quote Scripture twisting it for their purposes very well, so it is not surprising that the men who become their visible tools use the Sacred texts in this scandalous manner.

The Donatist schism was brought about when many clergy under persecution handed over religious books for destruction. The Donatists considered these clergy as traitors and refused communion with them. They considered all those accepting of these "traitors " as no longer truly Catholic. The schismatic does not remain free from heresy for long because separated from the Church they are separated from grace and God. The Donatists soon began to deny the validity of sacraments, saying that unless you were baptized by them you were not truly baptized, likewise with the other sacraments. Thus we begin to understand that heresy and schism go hand in hand, or as it is often said: they are the two sides of the same coin. The schismatic soon denies doctrine and becomes a heretic and the heretic soon breaks union with the Church and likewise becomes a schismatic.

With the attacks upon the Church by the false Vatican II council, many flocked to schismatic sects for sacraments thinking that at least they would have "valid " sacraments. This was a clever deceptive ruse of the devils because in doing so these souls left the True Church and therefore the grace of God, and thus most often ended up in heresy likewise. Among the more "renown " that fall into this category are all those who stem from Bishop Francis Schuckardt. (Please forgive me if I do not delve into a lot of details and appear to summarily dismiss this sect or any other. These sects have already been investigated and exposed in greater detail in previous issues of THE SERAPH.) Bishop Schuckardt for noble or ignoble reasons (We leave God to judge his intentions.), saw the heresy in the New Church (Novus Ordo) of the false Vatican II council and went to the schismatic Old Catholic church and obtained episcopal orders. Having either obtained these orders under a deceptive ruse or later realizing his error he, in either case, left this sect and started his own sect. These now use the name: "CMRI. " Neither he, nor his followers, have ever been officially received back into the Church by a true representative of the Church. These "religious " groups have never been authorized by the Church, therefore as far as the true Church is concerned, there is none, nor has there ever been, a true religious order, congregation, society, etc. called "CMRI. " While they have valid orders and sacraments they do not have grace because they are outside the Mystical Body of Christ (The Church.) Catholics have been warned and are still warned that for the preservation of their souls they must avoid this sect. If they are truly in articulo mortis (at the immediate point of physically dying) they may approach these priests for absolution as they are true priests, but aside from this they are to be avoided. The Church (that is the true Bishops) provides schismatic priests with the necessary faculties for this immediate necessity and no farther. It is foolishness for so many Traditionalists to pretend that they are in articulo mortis every Sunday and Holy Day of the year.

The Old Catholics and all that spawn from them are schismatic and are to be avoided by all true Catholics. Many of the Eastern Churches likewise are to be avoided for the same reasons. These old and once Catholic Churches through their schism soon fell into heresy as they began to deny the doctrines of the true Church. One of the best known concerns the "Filioque " (and the Son) in the Nicene Creed (This is the Creed that is recited in many Masses.) The schismatics recite the same creed only omitting the one word "Filioque. " In this they deny that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son. The denial of this doctrine makes them heretics and creates a false trinity or God that they worship, subjecting them to idolatry. It has been reported that the false pope Wojtyla (alias John Paul II) concelebrated "Mass " with these schismatic/heretics and in reciting this creed he with them deliberately omitted the word "Filioque. " We obviously interpret this as a denial of the doctrine (a denial of God and the Church) to please heretics. If you deny God before men, He will deny you before His Father. (Matt. 10:33) So we see that these "old " schismatic/heretical churches are likewise to be avoided.

The devils over time perfect and fine tune their attacks upon the Church, so we see in the 1500's the Protestant Revolution. (The heresies of this time are relatively well known, so forgive me again if I hurriedly pass over this or that sect or heresy.) If we only pick up the decrees of the Council of Trent we will find, not only the errors that were being promoted but likewise, the condemnation of those errors. Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Henry VIII, etc. and all who came after these for some ignoble reason, often veiled under some righteous pretense, broke away from the Church denying one or more doctrines. King Henry VIII gives us a very easy and ready example of how these heresiarchs attempted to sanitize or sanctify their hidden ignoble designs. The king's "qualms of conscience " concerning his wife was mere pretense to satisfy his lust for another woman (and another, and another, etc) as well as a way to satisfy his greed. Proclaiming himself the head of the Church he was able to divorce his wife and marry another; but also this "entitled " him to drive out the Catholics and steal lands and properties to satisfy his greed, and enable him to pay the usurious loans he owed to the "bankers. " The deception of the devils working through these Protestant founding fathers has been quite successful in leading many away from God. It is shockingly amazing how anyone who honestly investigates the origins of the Protestant sects can ever accept them as being true or good. We are only left to conclude that most never honestly and truly investigate these origins or the devils have them completely blinded by some other deception.

Coinciding with or just prior to the Protestant revolution and then the French revolution we see the formation of the Free Masons. The Masons have the stated purpose of destroying the True Church as well as true society. They are a secretive society that appeals to men through material humanism and worldly success. Talmudic Judaism appears to be the ideology that forms and permeates this sect. These false "Israelites " in an attempt to legitimize themselves set up this secret society to attack Christ in His Mystical Body, the Church. The Protestant sects were in turn fostered by the Free Masons. That is why we find that for the most part all the Protestant sects condone and support the Masonic ideals and principles. The Masonic religion (it is truly a religion) considers itself as a kind of umbrella religion, with all the other religions encompassed within or underneath it. The Masons promote a false equality and "ecumenism " among all the religions of the world, and this is just what we see in so many of the false religions today. We likewise see in the Protestants influenced by the Masons the promotion of the Talmudic (false Jews) (Apoc. 2:9) religion that is the parent of the Masonic religion and so may be called the grandfather of these same Protestant sects.

The Neo-Paganism that we see received in our own day traces its origins very clearly through Protestantism, to the Masons, to the Talmudists, to the Pagans, to the devils. While we do find much quarrelling and disputes among the many false religions of today they are nonetheless united against God and the true Church, His Bride, and His Mystical Body. All doctrines no matter how contradictory are tolerated and promoted so as to tear away at the truth. The devils hate and fight with each other (because they cannot love — not even themselves — much less one another), but they are united in hatred against God. So we logically see that the devils promote a "white " witchcraft or a "good " Paganism in today's world. Many seek to combine the demonic Pagan doctrines with the divine Christian doctrines. In this demonic unifying principle we again see the mocking of Christ's true Church which is: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. The members of the Protestant sects, if they are serious in seeking true spiritual advancement, soon find the Protestant faith is very empty and lacking. From this discovery, they are then led to Pagan "Mysticism " by the Masons who have great influence within their churches. Pagan beliefs are presented to fill up the void created by the lack of true spirituality giving us what may be termed "Christian-Pagans " or "Christian-Jews. " The inherent contradictions and disparities are brushed under the rug so that would be Christians give in to all the evils of the demonic. In this demonic induced stupor we see that men easily and readily give in to their cruder and baser passions and lusts — opening up for society an acceptance of all the evils that Hell can come up with (divorce, abortion [murder], sodomy, etc.) Every evil and sin is now acceptable in this demonically led world.

We must therefore, again, beware of the Neo-Paganism of today; the false "ecumenism " seeking the unity of truth in falsehood; the many and varied Protestant sects; the Masonic "umbrella " religion; the various schismatic/heretical sects; the false Israelite sects of the "Jews " both secular and Talmudic; the ancient Pagan beliefs; and ultimately the father of all these the devil.

Our expose leading to the truth through exposing errors is taking a long and varied course to show where He is not. The outline is brief and sketchy as we have covered a lot of places and times, but we are not finished yet. Just as in understanding to the best of our ability who God is we must first see who and what God is not, so likewise the best way to find the true Church and the true Faith we must first see where She is not. By excluding one after another we are narrowing our search and drawing closer and closer to the one true Faith and Religion. We desire not to divide and destroy causing chaos and confusion, but rather to expose and so unite by drawing together all who will come to the One, True Church of Jesus Christ.

With the grace of God in the next installment may we continue our uncovering and exposing so that we may more confidently, but humbly draw near and accept the One True God and His One True Church.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 5 Novus Ordo/False Catholics)

The Modernist Novus Ordo Religion is the next and perhaps one of the most daunting to examine. This new religion (Novus Ordo literally means New Order) came about from within what was once the Roman Catholic Church. Truly there was established a fifth column within the Catholic Church to bring about this transformation from Roman Catholicism to Modernist Novus Ordo. We realize that there are many who will dismiss such things as the wild ideas of a "conspiracy theorist, " but we must examine the facts and look for the truth and not be deterred by fear of ridicule.

There are and have always been real and true conspiracies. Since the beginning we see that the devils have been conspiring for the downfall of men. They cannot stand the thought of men taking their places in Heaven next to God, and so they scheme and plot ways and means to ensure that as many souls are lost as possible. Truly, misery loves company.

We have briefly exposed the Judaic- Masonic false religion and their ties to Satanism. These secret and sometimes overt sects have undeniably been seeking the fall and destruction of the True Church for a very long time. Many of the popes have specifically exposed and condemned these sects and warned Catholics that they must not only avoid joining these sects but must seek to protect themselves, the Church and even society from their evil influences.

The first and main attack of these evil sects in recent history has been the promotion of Atheistic Communism. This was quickly and unreservedly condemned by the Church as intrinsically evil. It has wreaked great havoc in many parts of the world, but this evil was not quite so easily accepted and inculcated in some parts of the world. This other part demanded a second prong of this attack which was through the materialism of the industrial complex. Those that were not brought into the camp of the Satanic-Judaic-Masonic complex on one side were almost invariably to fall to the opposite side. It made no difference which side one went to, they were both created and designed for the destruction of souls by evil powers that are greater than human.

It seems clear that the souls the devils could not destroy through Communist force and coercion induced poverty and want, they would destroy through the opposite extreme of unbounded greed of capitalistic Materialism. Few would ever see that it is the same coin with evil Communism being just the opposite side of evil Capitalism. What was not destroyed by force was destroyed by "freedom ". Communism and Democracy have led in the same direction. I like to consider Communism as an evil and mean tyrannical father who never loved his children, and Democracy is like a father that is over indulgent and "kind " to his children to a fault. Imagine, if you will, that children could choose and elect their own fathers. What would become of the family? Only fathers that gave the children all that they wanted and never corrected or disciplined their children would be elected. This is what "Democracy " has given us — rulers and governors that make promises of gifts and pleasure to their constituents. They are not concerned with what is true or what is right and good, only with pleasing the children so they can be re-elected. Neither truly loves the children and both bring about the destruction of the children. The virtuous middle course is never looked for by either side.

This might at first glance appear to be only dealing with governments and society at large and have very little to do with the True Church, but we must realize that it is the Church that has been and always will be the obstacle for these great conspiracies. It is religion and faith that form and guide individuals as well as societies. So we see that history shows us the Catholic Church constantly under attack by this Satanic-Judaic-Masonic sect. Likewise, we see the Church constantly condemning and exposing this sect and their many spawn sects as the evil that they are.

This sect found that the frontal assault of Communism did not destroy the Church (the Mystical Body of Christ) so Democracy and Materialism was next attempted. There were many other assaults under one pretext or other but, all with the same end in mind. After the Demonic-Judaic-Masonic sect tried every assault from outside the Church the only place left was to try an attack from within. A fifth column (a kind of Trojan horse) was devised and implemented. Infiltrators were sent in to take over seminaries and priestly formation so that evil men could rise to positions of authority and thus implement the designs of this Demonic-Judaic-Masonic plot. The culmination of this plot is seen in the false council of "Vatican II. "

Lest the people recognize and reject these attacks, the infiltrators (wolves) put on the appearance of true and faithful Catholics (sheep's clothing). The changes that they implemented were gradual and "optional " the doors were opened up for a "democratic " vote from the children. Freedom of expression and implementation were invited and welcomed. A new spirit (the spirit of "Vatican II ") was taking over the Church but few realized that this spirit was not the Holy Ghost, but was rather a demonic spirit of disorder, chaos, confusion, and damnation. A hidden but deliberate effort was made to fill the seminaries with men to pervert doctrine and also many men to pervert morality. Homosexuality within seminaries was not only tolerated but promoted in many cases. We witness the fruit of this today in the many "clerical " pedophiles bringing scandal and destruction of both the spiritual and material wellbeing of souls and what was once the Roman Catholic Church. The infiltrators reached the highest posts and so were able to cover up and transfer these destructive men from one place to another to increase the destruction both of souls as well as the reputation and financial status of what was once the Church. Nothing happens by accident especially when it is a matter of salvation.

Prior to this false council the popes warned Catholics of this evil spirit that was hiding within Her bosom in the countless encyclicals condemning Communism, Modernism, Materialism, etc. but, few Catholics heard or heeded these warnings. The great victory of these evil forces was when they got one of their own into the top place of the Vatican, who could call this "council " and start the ball rolling in the downward direction of damnation. This has happened and all who seek the truth and have eyes to see, should be able to clearly see this.

This evil spirit of "Vatican II " opened the doors for innovation in the sacraments. Every one of the sacraments came under the assault of these demonic influences. Let us focus first upon the Sacrifice of the Mass. The Mass has been with us since the time of Christ and in the Latin Rite was codified and promulgated for all time by the Council of Trent. (Hence, the often used reference to "Triditine " Mass referring to the Latin rite Mass.) One of the first attacks, changes, or freedom of expression opened up by this false council was the changing of the very words of Christ in the Consecration of the wine. "Pro multis " (for many) was now through a faulty translation from the Latin to the vernacular replaced with "Pro Omnia " (for all). No one seemed to be concerned with the correctness of the translation much less the faithfulness to God's word. The Scriptures still preserved the correct formula but the Modernists were unconcerned with what the Scriptures held. They knew few, if any, would know the scriptures that well. Most had never read them, or if they did, it was only a superficial reading. The sacred Scripture (the very Word of God — Christ Himself) was ignored and set aside in favor of "progress ", change, democracy — the demonic spirit of "Vatican II ".

Many would argue that it is only one word. How important can one word be? The Church says it is essential. Every word of God is sacred and essential. To change one word is to change the meaning of what God has said and therefore to change the very perception of who God is. It creates a false god to usurp the place of the True One. Some would argue that the words: multus and omnia mean the same thing. This is so foolish that it does not even deserve a response. Every little child knows the difference between many and all. Christ willed the salvation of all but His sacrifice would (could) only be applied to many, because the rest would reject Him and be damned.

This is only the tip of the iceberg concerning the Mass. The confession and prayers at the beginning of Mass were done away with. So there was no longer a need of humbling ourselves by declaring publically that we are sinners and unworthy to approach God, but do so only at His invitation. The true presence of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine (transubstantiation) was ignored and then denied if not openly in words, at least manifestly in deeds. Lay and women "Eucharistic ministers " were implemented, communion in the hand, etc. all these manifested a distinct and different doctrine than what was promulgated in all the previous doctrines, councils, decrees, encyclicals, etc. of the Catholic Church of the previous two-thousand years. Some ( "priests " included) even openly denied the doctrine of transubstantiation.

The Mass was not the only thing opened up to this attack. All the sacraments and all the doctrines became fair game to this new demonic "spirit of Vatican II. " What was now allowed and encouraged concerning the very enemies of the Church should shock us into reality. This New Novus Ordo ( "Vatican II ") Church now welcomed and accepted Free Masons into her fold. Not only the laity but even the "clergy " were openly and professedly members of Masonic lodges. Anyone who had read, considered and believed what the previous popes had said should have been shocked into reality. This new Church is not the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ. This Modernist Church is not the infallible Church of the past. This new church is a chimera of all the demonic errors of the past. This demonic new church is now one with the very enemies of the Roman Catholic Church.

The temptation and stumbling block for most was already foreseen and provided for by the Demonic-Judaic-Masonic inspiration of their countless infiltrator dupes. Man is by nature a social being, so the stumbling block was obvious. The majority went along through "obedience ", ignorance, etc., so the rest could be coerced by the natural inclination to unite with others — no one wishes to be alone. The truth was sacrificed at the altar of "community " and a false "unity ". There is no unity without Jesus and the Modernists forced Jesus out from among them. They took over the buildings and material properties, but they could not take over the true Faith. Outside of these once Catholic Churches, Jesus now resides only in the remnant of His flock who left or were cast out with Him.

The "unity " of this new religion is a farce as we see even within that community that calls itself "Catholic ". We see great variance and incongruity in their many teachings and doctrines. Is Jesus really present in the Holy Eucharist — Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity? Is there salvation without Jesus? Must one confess his sins to a priest? Does sin even really exist? Is there a Hell? Is marriage indissoluble? Is an unbaptized infant an enemy of God and headed for Hell? Is humanism, modernism, communism, demonism, etc. evil or is it okay, or maybe tolerable? In the Novus Ordo one will find conflicting answers to these and every other serious doctrine that the True Church holds very clear and definite positions on. The True Catholic Church even condemns all who hold to a position contradictory to Hers. There can be no doubt that the Novus Ordo Church is not the same as the Catholic Church of over two-thousand years.

There are many logical corollaries that tie in or naturally develop from these few undeniable observations. Simply stated: a heretic is not a Catholic (by definition); One who is not a Catholic cannot and does not hold any position, rank or authority in the Catholic Church of which they are not members. All heretical "clergy " of whatever rank, office, or privilege are not Catholic and therefore ipso facto (by the very fact of being heretics) deposed; Any action, decree, etc. of these heretics has no standing or weight and as such is null and void (it never existed) in the Catholic Church; etc. (Consult the encyclical of Pope Pius IV "Cum ex apostolatus officio " if logic is not enough for you, and see what the head of the Catholic Church inspired by the Holy Ghost has said on this head.)

Remember we are not speaking of personal sins or failings of individuals within the Church, but are rather speaking of obstinate heresies that are not only privately held, but also publically promoted. It is not a mere scandal of a clergy man with a secret mistress, it is an open and public endorsement of heresy; a denial of the infallible doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and therefore a denial of Christianity, and ultimately of Jesus Christ altogether.

These "clergy " can no longer be considered as representing Jesus Christ or His Church, because they have denied Him. They have denied Him not under coercion or fear, but openly and freely. It is not a matter of weakness, but rather a matter of heretical pride and obstinacy.

These heretic "clergy " and "hierarchy " have changed the very nature of all the sacraments so as to render each and every one of them at minimal doubtful, and at worst invalid. Thus it seems clear that this Novus Ordo Church and religion is a new Protestant religion and is not the Roman Catholic Church, despite whatever proud and arrogant claims that they may make.

So far in our pursuit, we have exposed as false: Satanism, Paganism, Judaism (Talmudism), Free Masonry, Schisms/heresies of what was once the Eastern branch of the Church, Protestantism, and now the Modernist Novus Ordo Church of the false "Vatican II " council. As we can see the gates of Heaven must be truly narrow and the gates of Hell are very broad and wide, as there are so many who are headed to damnation through these various snares of demons, and so few who will ever escape them. We still have not finished with this winnowing exposition and propose with the help of God's grace to continue in our next installment to speak of the errors of the "Traditionalist " movement.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 6 "Traditionalism ")

The deceptions of the demons are becoming more and more clever as we progress in our examination of exposing the demonically inspired false religions. There can be only one true religion as both our reason and revelation very clearly show us. In this exposition of the various false religions and sects we are drawing closer and closer to the True Faith, but the devils do not sit idly by in their attacks of those who have avoided the snares exposed this far. With the grace of God we draw closer to Him and engender a greater hatred for ourselves by these demons. Those who are not brought over to the camp of these demonic spirits through the grosser vices are then attacked with greater viciousness in the more subtle but equally dangerous ones. The devils do not care by which sin we fall, they only care that we fall. They use the most economical (economical in terms of effort involved) means at their disposal. The vices that appeal to the greatest number are used first and with little effort they reign in the majority. The next level of souls, requires greater efforts and more subtle means to accomplish the same goal. This progression of levels of souls continues all the way up until the devils are unable to entrap or seduce the remaining souls that will not or cannot be lost. The higher the level that a soul attains; the more insistent, numerous and dangerous these demons become in their attacks.

The Pagans, Atheists, Satanists, etc. suffer little from the demons as they are easily led without much effort by devils straight into Hell. The heretics who have heard of Jesus Christ require a little more effort and a slightly different tactic, but the devils succeed nonetheless because these sects are created and fostered by the devils themselves under the appearances of following Jesus. (In the exorcism prayers of the Church the devil is addressed as: "teacher of heretics. ") The Modernist Novus Ordo likewise is another branch of the heretical Churches led by Satan and is under the hand of demons. With the illusion of belonging to the Catholic Church and glorying in the name they have been robbed of the Faith and grace. This blindness is fostered and rejoiced in by the devils because they work very hard to maintain this lie and illusion.

There are however many who have rejected all these previous snares of the devils and would have been the remnant elect, but for another of the devils' snares. Many Catholics recognized the evil of the false "Vatican II Council " and would have held onto the true Church and the true Faith, but the devils laid a snare for them in the religion they inspired known as "Traditionalism. " Under the guise of protecting and preserving tradition these sects have been tricked into rejecting all authority and right order. They have become grossly soiled with the spirit of Laicism. They reject ecclesiastical authority, just as the Protestants have done. They are filled with a demonic pride and vanity because they have not been trapped by the Modernist liberal trap of the Novus Ordo, and in this state they have miserably fallen into another snare just as dangerous and deadly as all the others. We must remember that it does not matter if we fall to the left or the right; the devils do not care if they get us this way or that way. To be separated from the true Church all that is necessary is that we deny just one of Her doctrines — espouse only one error and we are lost. With the Church and with God it is an all or nothing situation. We are not free to pick and choose what we like as the Protestants do, but this is what so many "Traditionalists " have succumbed to. The laity now pick, hire (fire), and judge their "clergy " and we see clearly how detrimental this is if we are honest. Nothing good can come from the tail wagging the dog.

There are many varieties and sects in this "Traditionalists " movement, but perhaps the biggest and the most known, and therefore the most dangerous, is the Lefebvrites. This sect was started by Marcel Lefebvre under the auspices of "The International Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). " Everything about this sect is deception and rebellion. The Catholic Church requires of religious orders, societies, etc. to be approved and authorized before they are permitted to exist and function. This alleged society claimed "international " status when it was only given diocesan approval by a Modernist Novus Ordo bishop. It has never been approved by a true pope which is required by a "society " that wishes to work internationally. Also, we must consider what the approval of a Modernist Novus Ordo bishop (heretic) is worth even locally.

Lefebvre, himself, was ordained a priest and consecrated a bishop by a Freemason. What we know of the Freemasons and their intentions and goals to destroy the Church forces us to have legitimate and serous reservations regarding the validity of these orders. It is for this reason that we say their orders and sacraments are at best doubtful and at worst invalid. In either case they are illicit and therefore without merit. For these reasons they are suspect and must be treated as not valid. It matters not, that the deceived members of this sect are of good will or not. Their good or even pious intentions cannot change the facts. I realize that these are harsh words but they have been very carefully weighed. The Seraph and others have been exposing these things for decades.

I personally have long held the opinion that this sect was established by the devils and their Modernists, Masonic pawns for the express purpose of rounding up would be Catholics and leading them like the Pied Piper of Hamlin right into the back door of the Modernist Novus Ordo sect. Recent history of this sect seems to be bearing out the validity of this observation. We currently see the leaders of this sect working hard to be accepted and brought into unity with this demonically inspired New Church.

Many souls were and are being led astray with the idea that it is just about ritual or language. It is not only this, but it is so much more that separates the true Church from the Novus Ordo. There are doctrines that have been changed and denied by the Novus Ordo that leave us without doubt that they are a new religion and are in no way the same religion as the Roman Catholic Church of over two-thousand years. The Novus Ordo has changed sacraments to the point that they are no longer valid. Their priests are not priests. But, what we feared and now see to be true in the Lefebvrite sect is exactly the same, and so it is not surprising to see the uniting of these two sects.

Many within the Lefebvrite sect saw this and broke away starting their own sects (demonic spawning) under sundry auspices. Some of the more renowned of these are the Dolanite sect, and the Kellyite sect. Again, these sects and all the others stemming from Lefebvre, under whatever auspices suffer the same dilemma — their "sacraments " and "orders " are at best doubtful, and they have never been recognized or established by any true authority in the Catholic Church.

These sects are essentially anarchists — not recognizing any authority whatsoever. They are often seen even denying that they themselves have any authority while they boldly impose themselves upon the poor unsuspecting laity. They preach a false religion that does not have any jurisdiction. They claim some sort of crippled magisterium that can "teach ", "sanctify ", but never rule. It is clear that such a crippled magisterium is not the magisterium established by Jesus in the Apostles to whom He gave the fullness of this three-fold power. If they recognize this authority in the Novus Ordo then they are the same as the Novus Ordo and must logically unite with and obey them. If they deny it in them and deny it in everyone else (even themselves) then they are anarchists promoting the idea that there is no longer any true Church with real authority. They are essentially claiming that the Church Christ promised to last until the end of time is dead and Christ has lied or at least deceived us. This obviously is from Hell, and they cannot represent the True Church.

This anarchism is preached and practiced by numerous "independent " priests in this "Traditionalist " movement. There has never been, nor will there ever be, an "independent " priest in the Catholic Church. The Church must have successors to the Apostles (bishops); otherwise it is not apostolic and is lacking in a necessary mark of the true Church. And every priest must be subject to a true bishop. So any and all "clergy " that claim that "independent " status are not Catholic and all are duly warned to stay far away from their demonically inspired rebellion.

We have previously spoken of the Schuckardt sect ( "Mount St. Michael ") and its untenable position. Though they have valid orders as clerics they are by no means Catholic as they too claim (or act as if they have) universal status that can only be given by a true pope. True, there is no true pope to grant them this. So where does that leave them? Logically they must abandon their false claims of being a religious order or society etc. If they wish to be true religious then they must align themselves with a true and legitimate religious order that has been in existence prior to and in continual existence since the false "Vatican II council. " If they wish to be true Roman Catholics they must abjure their schism and any and all heresies; and be received and accepted by a true Roman Catholic bishop. One cannot abjure to the air or a mirror. The Church requires the abjuration be made to the proper authority and that the proper authority receives and accepts them. This has never been done. The closest that this sect seems to have ever come was when the former bishop Musey received them, but then rather quickly placed them under interdict. This interdict has never been lifted by any true Roman Catholic Bishop. For these reasons this sect must not be considered Catholic and the faithful are likewise duly warned to avoid this sect for the good of their own souls.

Besides the many and sundry "priests " and "bishops " in the "Traditional " movement there are also various alleged "popes ". These poor souls imagine that they have been chosen by God or by the laity to head the Church with or even without clerical orders. These make a mockery of the Church. It is true that in the absence of the ability to observe all the current regulations (regulations put in place prior to the death of Pope Pius XII) regarding the election of a pope; the regulations cease to be binding. For example, when it is impossible to assist at a true (valid and licit) Mass on Sundays then we are no longer obliged to assist at Mass — the law ceases to apply. With the apostasy of the College of Cardinals and the bishops in the Novus Ordo, the right and duty of the election of a true pope now resides with the true bishops of the Church. These must be valid and licit and have the full powers of the Apostolic Magisterium; i.e. the power to teach, govern, and sanctify. These so called "Traditionalist " "popes " are no more popes than the frauds in the Novus Ordo physically occupying the material heritage of the See of St. Peter.

Many have and continue to inquire; how then, are we to ever elect another pope? When the time comes the Holy Ghost will inspire and arrange things so that this will take place. It is not for us to try and force the Will or the Hand of God. If there is to be another true pope before the end of the world, we can be certain that God will let those who have the power, know when and how to accomplish this, as well as provide us with the man so chosen by Him. In the meantime we know that the Church continues in the Catholic bishops even in this time of papal sede-vacante, as history has shown us time and time again. All true Catholics must submit to these authorities and no others. They must work and pray for their bishops, the Church and themselves so that we may at least preserve what remains of the Church; and then if we are faithful, and it is God's will, He will provide another true pope for the world.

Next, we must likewise warn all of the deceptions of so many "Traditional religious groups. " The first to come to mind as an example, is the sect currently headed by the Dimond brothers [ "Most Holy Family Monastery "]. These present themselves to the world as Benedictines. They cannot trace their lineage to a valid and licit source existing prior to the Novus Ordo. True religious must make a canonical novitiate, and must be received and accepted by a valid and true representative of that particular order with the authority to receive such vows in the name of the Church and the respective order. One does not become a Benedictine simply by putting on a traditional Benedictine habit and presenting himself as such to the world. It does not matter how much notoriety they may gain through self-promotion in any of the various media that they choose to use. A religious is a religious only when the proper authority accepts his vows as such. It matters not if they pretend to an ancient order or create a new one, without the acceptance by the true Magisterium in the Church they are nothing. They may say many good things and expose many real errors in the world and appear to do some good; but the truth is, that they are a very real danger to souls seeking to be good Catholics serving only God, and not bowing before so many demonically inspired false sects, both "clerical " and "religious. "

We have come a long way in this study of the demonically inspired churches of disobedience in the world today; and have painted with a very broad brush, realizing that there is not enough time or paper to expose each and every one in detail. Those who have the sense of the Church, with the grace of God, will be able to see and apply these same principles to the countless other sects that abound. Those who lack this sense of the Church, must pray humbly and sincerely for this grace from God and seek guidance only from the True, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

With the help of God's grace we hope to sufficiently show (in the next installment) in who and where this Church exists in the world today, so that all may obtain the graces so necessary for ourselves, the world, and the Church. Until then, we plead with you to humbly and honestly pray to God that you may find, recognize and unite with this true Church for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Right Order vs Demonic Anarchy

(Part 7 The True Remnant)

As we draw this examination to a close, and have been forced to humbly and regrettably declare so many outside of the True Church, an even greater sense of humility overwhelms us.

The Great Apostasy so often spoken of by the late Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M. D.D. is obviously in full force and is progressing closer and closer, day by day, to the end of this world as we know it. The material and spiritual devastation is apparent to us as we hope that it is to all of our readers by now.

In this spiritual (and material) devastation that we see, there is also seen the once great physical body or tree of the Church now mercilessly severed from Its roots lying dead on the ground. There are many souls still attached to or trying to attach themselves to it, thinking that the life blood of Christ is still coursing through its capillaries. Our once great Churches, Cathedrals, etc., even our once Catholic Vatican City is now nothing but a corpse self-severed from the forever living, True Catholic Roots of Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Anti-popes, anti-cardinals, and anti-bishops, etc. fill this corpse and give the illusion of life, but that is all it is — an illusion. Many are deceived by this great illusion and so will be lost.

This image that I have so poorly tried to reveal is for those who are unaware, none other than a literary license of a revelation that is well known within the Franciscan Order. The upper portion of the tree that was once the Church has been severed, but from the life giving roots springs a new shoot and that new shoot is none-other than the Franciscan Order to fulfill that original command to St. Francis to rebuild My Church.

Having examined the terrain around us, we are forced to declare that the Modernist Novus Ordo is but the corpse of what was once the Church; The various "Religious Communities " united and one with this corpse are likewise dead; The various anarchistic Traditionalists of every variety and kind are likewise disassociated from the roots either attempting to unite to the dead body or simply "independent " of every and all vestiges of the Church.

In all humility we are therefore forced to boldly declare that the continuation of the Church to the best of our knowledge is found in this small and simple humble Franciscan shoot rising from the massive roots of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; and that we and all those united with us are that shoot. That shoot outside of which salvation is not to be found. The rest of the world may ridicule and laugh, and may declare us insane, or conspiracy theorists, and even attempt to persecute us into silence or death, but they cannot change the reality of the situation.

We however, as much as we regret seeing all those souls heaping coals of fire upon their own heads in their attempts to destroy us, welcome the opportunity to be found worthy to suffer all of this for the love of Jesus Christ. If the world has hated Him, it is an honor for us to be hated by that same world that is forever excluded from the beatitudes of Heaven.

We might ask, how do we know that we are this remnant solitary shoot? First, by way of exclusion, which I have hopefully manifested clearly in the previous installments of this work; there are not many left standing after observing all those who have fallen in one way or another. This might be seen as the negative proof. As for the positive, we must look for a continuous uninterrupted and uncorrupted succession from before the great tree was severed right up to the present day.

In the case of the Franciscan Order we see this preservation in none-other than the late Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M. D.D. He entered the order truly (validly and licitly) before the great severing from the Root that took place with the culmination of the false "Vatican II Council ". He fulfilled his canonical novitiate continued in his studies and temporary vows and progressed to and through his Solemn or Final Vows and as such is forever a son of St. Francis. He suffered much for his adherence to the customs and rules of the Order and temporarily escaped the persecution from his own community by a special grace from God that came from the last true Minister General of the Order in Rome. The Minister General sent him under holy obedience to work for the establishment of the Order in South Korea.

He worked for eighteen years in this missionary land for the salvation of souls and the continuation of the Franciscan Order. But, sadly even here in all the poverty and misery surrounding them the Modernists came to undermine, persecute and attempt to destroy. Circumstances forced him to return to the United States to work for the South Koreans that were losing their faith to the Protestants here in the States. Due to his continual and persevering adherence to the Franciscan life and therefore Catholic life, the Modernists began their attempt to ostracize and alienate him. Little did they realize that it was not Bishop Louis that was being alienated but it was themselves that they were alienating from the Order and the Church. Even a once trusted confrère of Bishop Louis told him that the Order that he joined is now dead. Another told him that he should establish a friary and continue his labors to establish the Order here in the United States in faithfulness to the obedience he received from the Minister General. What he was inhibited from doing in South Korea he was now by divine grace able to accomplish in the United States. There are now a few but true Solemnly professed Franciscan religious thanks to the mercy and goodness of God that has worked through the humble human instrument we know as Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M., D.D.

Much of the details of his life can be found in various previous issues of THE SERAPH.

So much for the preservation of the true Order of St. Francis of Assisi; we must now consider the continual and uninterrupted succession of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church how it has been and is continuing still. For this we must look to none-other than the late Bishop Ngo Dinh Thuc.

I would like to repeat here the public statement made by Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc in Munich, Germany on February 25, 1982:

"How does the Catholic Church appear in our days? In Rome there rules `Pope' John Paul II, assisted by a college of Cardinals, as well as by a large number of Bishops and Prelates. Outside of Rome, the Catholic Church appears to be flourishing with Her Bishops and Priests. Catholics are numerically important. Each day, the Mass is celebrated in many churches, and on the Lord's Day the churches welcome many of the faithful to hear Mass and to receive Holy Communion.

But, in the eyes of God, how does the Church actually appear?

These Masses, daily and Sunday, at which the faithful assist, are they not pleasing to God? In no way, because this Mass is the same for Catholics and Protestants. For this reason, it is not pleasing to God and is INVALID. The only Mass pleasing to God is the Mass of Saint Pius V which is celebrated by a small number of priests and bishops, of which I make up a part.

For this reason, and in the measure possible, I will open a seminary for candidates to a priesthood pleasing to God.

Over and above this "Mass " which offends God, there are a number of elements that constitute an object of reproach to God. For example, in priestly ordination, in episcopal consecration, in the Sacraments of Confirmation and Extreme Unction.

Besides these things, these "priests " mentioned above profess: 1. Modernism 2. A false ecumenism 3. The Cult of Man 4. Religious indifference 5. The refusal to condemn and excommunicate heretics.

For these reasons, in my capacity as a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, I judge that the Apostolic See of the Church is vacant, and that it is my duty as a Bishop to do all in my power to assure the continuation of the Roman Catholic Church for the eternal salvation of souls. " Munich, 25 February 1982 + Peter-Martin Ngo-Dinh-Thuc ARCHBISHOP

This truly humble but great man, had the courage to stand up and condemn the severed tree and all its adherents, and possessing within himself true Apostolic Succession set out in his limited but effectual manner to preserve and pass on to the next generation the life blood of true Apostolic succession as well as consistency in the doctrine and laws of the Church. He did later denounce some who he was deceived in laying hands upon, but undeterred he tried again. He eventually consecrated Bishops Carmona and Zamora in his private residence with two Catholic laymen as witnesses. These in turn consecrated Bishop Musey and then the three of them in union consecrated Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M.

These three bishops (perhaps at the inspiration of Bishop Louis) met and solemnly vowed before the Blessed Sacrament to recognize Bishop Ngo as their true and legitimate superior and to not ordain or consecrate anyone else without the unanimous consent of him and the other bishops. Circumstances arranged that Bishop Ngo would reside with Bishop Louis in Rochester NY. At this time Bishop Louis was given power of attorney for Bishop Ngo, but regardless of his best efforts Bishop Ngo was abducted by the Novus Ordo and eventually died in the hands of the enemy, just as Our Lord had done. The Novus Ordo may have struck the head of this remnant but little did they know that the shoot was already breaking forth.

It is true that Bishops Musey, Carmona, and Bravo created a schism by breaking their solemn promises before God in the Holy Eucharist, but the Church still survived in Bishops Louis, Martinez and Zamora. Briefly, Bishop Musey wanted to establish himself as some kind of patriarch in the United States and eager to accomplish this began to attempt to consecrate everyone and anyone who would accept him. This tragically involved some who were known to be heretical or of questionable orthodoxy and worthiness. Bishop Louis warned Musey and the others of the dangers they were exposing themselves to; they continued none-the-less and subsequently were cut off from the Church as schismatics.

These various "bishops " now schismatic/heretical continued on their various "lines " all claiming to descend from the line of Bishop Ngo. Bishop Ngo if he were able would have denounced these just as he did those others that deceived him and stole orders from him previously. Bishop Louis as his legal representative both (civilly and clerically) denounced them and declared to all the world what they were guilty of and how this has cut them off from the Mystical Body of Christ. (See THE SERAPH Vol 15 No 6 February 1995.)

So we see how it is that both the preservation of the Franciscan Order and the True Church fell upon this humble but determinedly faithful friar. He held within himself both the future of the Church as well as of the Franciscan Order.

Neither of these have died with him. Bishop Louis preserved the laws and doctrines of the Church in those he prepared and ordained to the priesthood. He preserved Apostolic succession in those he has consecrated: Bishop Giles Butler, O.F.M. D.D., Bishop Madrigal D.D., and Bishop Bonaventure Strandt, O.F.M. D.D.

Bishop Louis has likewise preserved the Franciscan Order in those who have been trained and formed by his hand and have made their solemn Profession in the Order to God: Father Joseph Noonan, O.F.M; Father Bernard Colussy, O.F.M.; Bishop Giles Butler, O.F.M. D.D.; Bishop Bonaventure, O.F.M. D.D. and Brother Dominic Brueggemann, O.F.M. all forming the First Order. He has also formed and accepted many into the Third Order of St. Francis. In the future, God willing, there will also continue from this shoot a vital Second Order of St. Francis.

I make bold to state once again (even at the risk of mockery , ridicule, and great suffering) that as far as is known, outside of these Franciscans the other Catholic Religious Orders have died, and no longer exist. I further make bold to state that to the best of our knowledge outside of these three remaining Bishops the Catholic Church is dead. Only in this tender shoot rising from the great roots of the One, True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church can we find the means to save our souls as it is all that remains of the Mystical Body of Christ here on earth.